Ideas for first birthday presents

Ideas for first birthday presents

The first 12 months pass by so quickly; one minute you're celebrating their birth and congratulating the new parents. Before you know it, you've received an invitation to their first birthday party and need to buy a gift.

The amount you spend will vary depending on various factors, including your relationship with the one-year-old and your budget. Joining up with other friends or family members to split the cost of the birthday gift is one option to save money. At The Baby Gift Company, we provide a large selection of age-appropriate presents for one-year-olds at prices to fit any budget. You can feel sure that your beautifully wrapped presents will arrive in time for the party since we also provide gift wrapping and speedy shipping.

When it comes to finding the ideal first birthday gift, there are countless delightful and thoughtful options to consider. Need inspiration? Why not call the parents for advice as they will have a clear understanding of what their youngster enjoys and what they might need?

Usually, by 12 months, toddlers have outgrown many of their infant toys and have become more interested in more challenging toys that call for fine motor skills. The child may be crawling or starting to walk, so toys that promote both physical and cognitive growth are excellent first birthday presents ideas.

1st Birthday Gifts for Babies

Buying Baby safe toys

When purchasing a present for a one-year-old, prioritise safety; stick to age recommendations and avoid objects that might cause choking. It is critical for their growth and well-being that little ones are not exposed to toys or small items that might injure them, especially if they are playing on their own. Here at The Baby Gift Company, we source high quality, baby-friendly toys from reputable brands.

Tips on choosing child-safe toys for a 12-month-old

  • Choose age-appropriate toys developed for young children. These toys are designed with safety in mind, and as such are free of small parts that might cause choking hazards.

  • Decide on toys constructed from non-toxic materials to ensure durability. Babies prefer exploring toys with their mouths, so select toys that are safe for them to chew on, such as Sophie la Girafe.

  • Buy infant toys that comply with Australia's toy standards.

  • Avoid toys with sharp edges, loose parts, or cords that may cause damage. Make sure the toys are free of small components that might easily break apart.

  • Encourage a child's sensory development by selecting toys with diverse textures, colours, and sounds. These toys may excite your child's senses and encourage learning via play. For example, puzzles and picture books.

  • Encourage fine and gross motor abilities with toys like building blocks or push-and-pull toys. These toys could assist younger kids improve their coordination and muscular strength.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that the toys you choose for a 12-month-old are not only enjoyable but also safe and useful to their growth and development. With safety, practicality, and fun into consideration, here are some engaging first birthday gift ideas:

10 Best Gift Ideas for Baby's First Birthday

  1. Wooden toys, such cars and farm animals, stimulate open-ended play while teaching youngsters about different creatures.

  2. Building blocks and stacking objects are the best 1st Birthday presents because they promote discovery, cause-and-effect learning and entertainment.

  3. Toys with rolling wheels or balls encourage movement and allow children to explore their imaginations. Ride on toys, child-safe outdoor toys are also fun and will encourage them to play in the garden.

  4. Add a special touch by engraving a photo frame with the child's name and birthdate or a make a keepsake personalised baby book.

  5. Give the child an adorable plush toy as a keepsake from their first birthday.

  6. Giving one-year-old children clothing is a practical present that parents can both appreciate.

  7. Interactive books with sounds and flaps to lift promote sensory exploration and play an important role in their development.

  8. Colourful and themed feeding tools, cutlery, and bibs can assist parents helping their child self-feed more effectively.

  9. Playing small musical instruments like wooden maracas or drums improves hand-eye coordination and audio sensory abilities.

  10. Puzzles suitable for a one-year-old will help teach shape and colour recognition, plus develop their fine motor skills.

No matter the gift you choose, you can be certain that the birthday presents will arrive on time, and that Mum and Dad will be overjoyed that you could celebrate this significant milestone in their child's life. If you still need gift ideas for the first birthday present, don’t hesitate to reach out as we are on hand to help.

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