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We specialise in one-of-a-kind new parent gifts, from Australian brands, that are sure to make Mum and Dad thrilled. From sentimental gifts to practical sleeping gadgets, we have everything a parent needs to care for their new baby. Choose from our extensive selection of Mummy and Daddy gifts, and we'll present them in a sleek gift box adorned with a satin ribbon. 

More New Parent Gifting Ideas

The Baby Gift Company offers an adorable range of thoughtful and meaningful gifts for both parents. It is prevalent to bring Mummy and Daddy gifts to their home or hospital to celebrate and welcome their new baby. However, if you live interstate or are unable to visit, you can still express your affection by sending a new mother and baby gift basket.

Gifts Just for Mum and Dad

It is common to solely send hampers which include gifts for the baby. However, these days, more people like to include Mummy and Daddy gifts too.

Show appreciation for the new father by adding a novelty Papa Bear Stubby or Best Dad Photo Frame. Likewise, a new mum gift could include relaxation and self-care treats i.e. bath salts and candles. Pampering presents are great for well-being as being a new Mother can be exhausting. The Baby Gift Company will take great pride in presenting your gift beautifully and securely, so that your new born gifts arrive ready to impress Mum and Dad.

As baby gift specialists, the team at The Baby Gift Company know what new mothers and fathers desire, and which goodies form the ideal new baby hamper that is both beautiful and functional. From long-lasting baby basics and clothing to cherished keepsakes, we have the most thoughtful options for welcoming new babies into the world.

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  1. Best Mum Coaster Gift Set

    Special Price $9.00 Regular Price $11.95
  2. Star & Rose Hand Sanitiser 35ml

    Special Price $0.49 Regular Price $1.50
  3. Pink Glam Fluffy Thong Slippers

    Special Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
  4. doTERRA Lavender Peace Bath Soap Bar

    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $14.50
  5. Strawberries & Cream Rock Candy 90g

    Special Price $5.00 Regular Price $8.95
  6. My Pregnancy Journal - Hello Baby

    Special Price $11.95 Regular Price $21.95
  7. Goatee Baby Pacifier

    Special Price $12.95 Regular Price $14.95
  8. SwissCare Instant Hand Sanitiser 75% 295ml

    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $11.95
  9. Barn Owl Shower Cap

    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $10.00
  10. Noah's Ark Baby Wall Plaque 15cm

    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $12.95
  11. Collins Babies' Names Book

    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $6.95
  12. Sail Boat Hottie Heat Pack

    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $14.00
  13. Dad Silver Photo Frames 6x4

    Special Price $15.95 Regular Price $21.95
  14. Silver Gel Glitter Silver Eye Mask

    Special Price $11.00 Regular Price $14.95
  15. SwissCare Black Reusable Face Mask 3 Layers

    Special Price $4.00 Regular Price $8.95
  16. Chocolatier Mini Treat Gift Box 40g

    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $7.95
  17. Playette Stroller Shopping Bag

    Special Price $4.00 Regular Price $9.95
  18. Ruby Red Bag and Pouch Gift Set

    Special Price $6.95 Regular Price $12.99
  19. Equilibrium Bracelets

    Special Price $8.95 Regular Price $10.95
  20. Beautiful Day Face Mask

    Special Price $4.95 Regular Price $8.95
  21. Cream Christening Frame - 20cm x 20cm

    Special Price $11.50 Regular Price $15.95
  22. Stained Glass Christening Plaque

    Special Price $9.00 Regular Price $12.00
  23. Pregnancy Journal

    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $21.95
  24. Special Friend Painted Glass Plaque

    Special Price $7.95 Regular Price $9.95
  25. Sparkly Butterfly Keyring

    Special Price $6.95 Regular Price $9.95
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What gifts should I buy first time parents?

Parenthood is a unique experience that differs for each individual. The good news is that being a parent does not require real-world experience or understanding; rather, it takes patience, love, and care. Choosing gifts for first-time parents is about giving them something useful that will make their lives easier or filled with happiness.

Our range of practical New Baby gifts will delight any new parents, after all, the most appreciated gifts are generally the most useful and thoughtful ones. We offer an abundance of cute boy and girl’s clothing, toys, and accessories that make it hard to choose from. When building a gift hamper, be sure to include one or two babywear items, bath washers and a few blankets for the little one. It is also significant to include some Mummy and Daddy gifts, such as Lindor chocolates or French Champagne.

Create a memorable gifting moment by making Mum feel extra special with some self-care products like a Relaxing Gel Eye Mask , Slippers or Scented Candles.

How much does it cost for a baby gift hamper?

Our range of pre-made baby gift boxes start from just $55 with free delivery included. These affordable gift hampers include practical items such as comfy clothing, rattles and dinnerware items. Ideal for a baby shower present or pregnant co-worker. Depending on your budget you could likewise purchase a pre-made gift box for $120 which includes a collection of cute baby outfits, plush toys and chocolates for Mum and Dad.

An alternative solution, which has been popular and offers flexibility, would be to curate your own gift basket. You can choose from various Mummy and Daddy gifts along with useful baby essentials to suit your unique requirements and spend.

Can you deliver Gifts to new Mother in hospital?

Yes we can deliver all our baby gifts and hampers to hospitals throughout Australia. Important factors to consider when sending gifts to a hospital:

  1. Length of stay - Double check how long Mother and baby are staying in hospital as delivery can take 2-3 days. If you are unsure when they are being discharged then we would suggest sending the gifts to their home instead.

  2. Mother's name - The mum could be registered at the under a different name, such as her maiden name. We need to know her full name to ensure it's accepted upon delivery.

  3. Location - It would be good to have all the necessary hospital location details such as ward name or room number to help speed up the delivery.

Where do you deliver gifts in Australia?

The Baby Gift Company are open 24/7 allowing you to shop new parent gifts day or night. We will beautifully gift wrap and ship your gifts directly to your loved one via reliable courier anyway in Australia. Our courier estimated delivery time frame is 1-2 working days to metro areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart and Canberra. Allow a few extra days for rural areas in Australia.


There are a great number of things new parents will need to care for their newborn. You can opt to buy traditional new baby gifts with sentimental value or classic, more practical gifts to help make their hectic days a little more stress-free. Sending a mother and baby gift hamper can be a thoughtful way to show your support and celebrate this special time in their lives.


  • Baby Essentials - When creating your own gift hamper or a pre-arrange hamper, consider both practical and meaningful presents, such as baby essentials like wipes, towels and muslin wraps.

  • Personalised Gifts - Silver photo frame or a journal milestone book can be cherished keepsakes for the new parents.

  • Wellbeing New Mum GIfts - It is also important to include well-being and self-care gifts for Mum that help her relax and unwind. Consider a spa candle, fluffy slippers or pampering eye mask for some time out and tlc.

  • Baby Sleeping Device - Why not buy a sleeping aid to help calm and settle their tired newborn. Mum and Dad will welcome this thoughtful present as sleeping devices, like the Baby Shusher, could help them establish a better sleep routine and peace of mind.

Whatever newborn baby gift you choose, The Baby Gift Company are available to assist with any questions or product queries to help you find new parent gifts. Our goal is to supply beautifully arranged baby gifts online offering love and consideration for the new parents' needs and preferences.


New parents often find themselves overcome with the newly appointed duty of preparing for their newborn's arrival. If you plan to shop new parent gifts it would be worth buying gifts to help make this transition smoother. As they embark this new journey towards Parenthood it will be important for them to have a few essentials on hand. </p>

What new parents need to care for their newborn baby:

  1. Nappies and baby wipes – Babies go through a lot of nappies and wipes making these essential items and perfect new baby gifts. Parents will need to stock up on various size nappies to fit their developing baby's needs.
  2. Baby Clothing – Babies grow as different rates making it difficult for parents to anticipate how long their bub will fit into Newborn sizes. As they grow quickly, it would be helpful to gift a range of different sizes from 0000 upwards. Opt for comfortable, easy-to-wear, durable clothes with press studs, zippers or wide envelope necklines to make dressing and nappy changes easier.
  3. Feeding supplies – These are welcomed gift options for new parents regardless of whether they choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed their little one. Supplies such as bottles, nipple cream, breast pads, baby bibs, breast pumps, and burp cloths all make great practical gifts. Mum and Dad will love to have these items on hand in preparation for feeding time.
  4. Health and grooming supplies – Classic baby care items commonly found on a baby shower registry list are a baby thermometer, nail clippers, baby shampoo, and a gentle baby wash. Natural body skincare brands such as Moogoo can help keep a newborn healthy and clean.
  5. Swaddling Wraps and Comfort Blankies – Swaddles are wonderful for soothing and relaxing a baby, particularly useful whilst settling them as part of a bedtime routine. Whereas, security blankets and comforters can offer comfort and help with self-soothing. We would recommend buying an extra comforter toy as parents often favour a spare.
  6. Baby monitor – A must-have baby accessory for giving peace of mind and reassurance for new parents. A baby monitor helps them keep an eye (and ear) on their baby while they sleep in their cot or nursery. A popular gift choice for newbie parents.

Shop new parent gifts at The Baby Gift Company for unique gift ideas and pre-made hampers, and what works for one may not work for another. Experts in gift-giving, you can trust your gifts will be appreciated and delivered on time.

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