Gifts to Pamper and Support New Mums

Gifts to Pamper and Support New Mums

A new mother may need to adjust to several changes in her daily routine and life. With around the clock feedings and not enough sleep, the new mother could benefit from a little relaxation and pampering. The best gifts for new mums make them feel appreciated and valued during an intense transition period. When she opens your gift hamper, you want her to know how much you care, so include some new mum gifts as well as baby items.

As a friend or work colleague, it is always nice to show your appreciation and congratulations. There are countless ways to make her life a bit easier and show you care.

What is a good present for a new mum?

An excellent place to start would be to give meaningful and useful gifts that will make her life easier. Thoughtful and practical gifts are always a great choice, as they show you have put some thought into the mum gifts and that you want her to feel relaxed and supported.

Consider Self-Care gifts for new mums like a cotton robe and slippers for lounging at home or for those busy days where getting fully dressed doesn’t happen.

Mental health continues to be important throughout parenthood particularly with all of the hormones, lack of sleep, and emotions that come with having a baby. Doterra essential oils are an excellent relaxing tool to assist a mother when she is feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Doterra essential oils are popular among people trying to include natural therapies into their daily lives. Doterra provides an array of essential oils, from lavender to peppermint, that can be used to promote relaxation and wellness. With so many benefits, it's no surprise that essential oils have become a go-to option for new mum gifts when looking for natural solutions to improve their physical and emotional health. Essential oils are also a fantastic gift solution for Mother's day.

Other relaxing gifts for new mums include luxurious candle for setting the mood, bath salts for some much need pampering, or a journal to help her stay on track and set goals. Or perhaps Satin Pillowcase & Eye Mask Sleep Gift Set to assist with sleeping. Satin Pillowcases are naturally cooling to skin, helps prevents facial creases and also reduces hair frizz.

A sleep-deprived mum might appreciate a sleeping device to quickly settle her baby to sleep. A Baby Shusher is Sleep Miracle sound device that gently and effectively ends a baby’s crying cycle, relaxing and calming bub so they are able to sleep naturally.

A high-quality insulated water bottle is a useful gift suggestion for keeping her hydrated whilst on the move. Preferably a water bottle that doesn’t leak and can be easily opened with one hand. Alternatively, if money is not an issue, a smartwatch could be useful for keeping her organised and on track with her fitness goals. Likewise, you could buy her noise-cancelling headphones to tune out distractions and filter out the outside world while listening to music.

Well-Being Gifts For Mum

Something that will simpler their lives, provide comfort, or unwind them. Sometimes just offering to help or prepare meals often is the best present option. there are Numerous companies that prepare and deliver meals, saving parents precious time that could be spent with their newborns. Offering to help out might also be an especially welcomed gift. It may even be as simple as you taking the baby for a stroll in the pram while she has a relaxed hour to sit and drink a hot beverage, watch television or catch up on household chores.

8 Top New Mum Gift Suggestions:



  1. Pink Glam Fluffy Thong Slippers
  2. Mum Power Ceramic Travel Cup 
  3. My Pregnancy Journal
  4. Silver Gel Glitter Silver Eye Mask
  5. Essential Oils 
  6. Self Love Club Bath Salts
  7. Satin Pillowcase & Eye Mask Sleep Gift Set
  8. Mother to be Gift Box

These ideas for mum gifts are intended to make her transition into motherhood easier while also making her feel special and loved. Perfect gift ideas for not only new mums but also for Mother's day.

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Ideas for New Mum Gifts

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