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Fun First Birthday Baby Gift Ideas

Looking to send gifts for a special little person turning one years old? Then look no further as we have a range of useful and playful gift options for the birthday boy or girl. You can choose from wooden toys, colourful Illustrated books and stylish clothing. Once you have picked your gift items, add Gift wrapping to complete your gift hamper. We will then combine all the birthday gifts into a gift box and deliver the presents in time for their big day. Celebrate your child's first birthday with these fabulous 1st birthday gifts, suitable for a 1 year old baby boy or girl.

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Whether you're looking for last-minute gifts for a first birthday celebration or shopping for your own son or daughter, we have an extensive range of gifts for one-year-olds.

A first birthday party is a lovely way to commemorate your child's growth and special milestones. Here are some fun first-birthday baby gift ideas:

Children's books are an excellent gift option and will help widen their creativity. They are also a terrific method for parents to bond with their children and have fun altogether.

The first 12 months of baby's development goes by so quickly. Celebrating their first year of life is a significant milestone for both grandparents and parents. It can also be stressful for those who struggle to find the right gifts. Because this is a significant milestone, you may want purchase gifts that are memorable and unique. A beautiful photo frame or a nice outfit to wear could help capture the day which the parents can cherish.

Our first birthday gift hampers include a variety of practical and fun items that a one-year-old will be amused with. We will then present all of the gifts into one of our beautiful keepsake gift boxes.

As the first year goes pass swiftly, and baby will go through several developmental changes. Infants will begin to transition from liquid to solid foods, and mealtimes may get messy. Mum and Dad would appreciate any presents that make feeding a better experience. We sell a variety of gift baskets that include bowls, plates, bibs, and utensils to help with the stresses of this time.

Musical instruments make excellent birthday gifts for children of all ages. As are construction sets, which allow children to build a variety of objects and let their creativity run wild. Puzzles are particularly excellent for young children since they help them develop their thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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What should I buy a one year old?

There are a few unique gift ideas that make wonderful first-baby gifts. Choose something that the child can grow into, such as a toy or clothing. Some of the most popular gifts include:

  1. Picture Books - Books are a traditional first birthday present choice and a great way to inspire your child's love of learning. Look for books that will interest and amuse your child that are appropriate for their age.
  2. Safe Toys - Toys are a superb gift choice that may give the one endless hours of delight. Pick a selection that are developmentally and imaginatively stimulating suitable for a 1 year old.
  3. Clothing - Given how quickly newborns develop, it's possible that they may outgrow their clothing by the time they turn one. Choose a few adorable and fashionable clothes to wear on their special day and other occasions.

Rest asure, The Baby Gift Company will beautifully gift wrap your presents and take care of the shipping so that it arrive in time for their birthday. 

What are the best gifts for a one year old?

The wonderful little one-year-old will undoubtedly enjoy receiving our birthday gifts. We suggest giving toys and books that encourage problem solving and curiosity. Alternatively, look for something unique and fun to make an impression such as a '1st Birthday' clothing piece to remember the special day.

Choose a present that will grow with the baby, such as wooden toys that may be played with now and used as nursery decor as the child gets older. Don't forget about practicalities. Sometimes the most valuable gifts are those that both the parents and the one-year-old will need.

What presents to bring to a first birthday party?

Their first birthday will be a wonderful occasion for Mum and Dad, and they are likely to celebrate with friends and family. If you're going to a first birthday celebration and need some ideas, we have got you covered.

Gripper drinking bottles and Dinnerware sets – By the time they turn one they will be able to hold onto bottles and attempt to feed themselves. Why not gifts that will help make meal times more enjoyable, for everyone.

A Peter Rabbit Tale Happy Birthday Book – an enchanting book, featuring beloved character Peter Rabbit, engaging narratives centred around their first birthday milestone.

Sesame Street gift hamper - Children at the age of one are developing new skills, so soft toys and picture books that are perfectly suited to their needs. This fun hamper is full of fun and colourful gifts including much loved Elmo.

Tu Tu Beautiful Birthday Baby Girl Gifts – The birthday girl needs a special outfit to wear on her big day! This hamper includes a stunning One birthday romper and flower headband to make her look extra adorable.

Peter Rabbit Baby Gifts – A great gift idea for growing toddlers who love food. This popular gift hamper contains a neutral Peter Rabbit Themed dinnerware set and bibs. Plus, a handy snack box for on the go. A practical gift set which a one-year-old will need.

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