1st Birthday Present Ideas

1st Birthday Present Ideas

What to get a 1 year old for their birthday? Well, if you have a little bit of time to think about it before their birthday arrives, we've put together some ideas for gifts that might be good bets. With any luck, these will get you started in the right direction. 

This article is going to be going over what present ideas might work best for a 1-year-old's birthday. You'll notice that there are a lot of ideas on this list which are geared towards the parents (or whoever happens to be reading this to a child). Consider that, in many cases, the one-year-old will not fully understand or appreciate the gift you get them. They might not even remember it! Instead, we have five different gift ideas for 1 year old boys and girls covered. So read on for some great birthday presents for babies!

First birthday baby gift hamper

5 of the best 1st Birthday gifts

1. Gift Basket

 For the parents, a gift basket might be a welcome sight. Fill one with some goodies, and maybe also some small useful items for living day to day with a little one. Some examples might be:

 -Nappies (or cloth) for the baby

 -A new book for mom or dad to read to the child before bed. Why not get a board book? These tend to survive babyhood better than regular books. A fun one could be The Hug Book.

 -A box of wooden or plastic blocks to keep baby occupied and learning new things (this is their world, after all… you might as well get a small piece of it for you!)

 A stuffed animal that can be put on the kid's bed. Why not get them something based off of the kid's name? "John" would want a toy bear called "Jack" or "Mary" could get a teddy bear called "Ella." Or perhaps turn a stuffed animal into a toy all together, like by stuffing it full of little toys, then putting on a cute outfit! A doll house for girls, too. For an Australian theme, you could get them this gorgeous plush Kangaroo.

 The Baby Gift Company has made this option easy with our range of gift boxes for baby boysbaby girlstwins. You can even create your own and fill it with presents from our first birthday gifts range.

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2. A Set of Toys

 A set of toys, even if they are big ones, will still make a good gift. Not only will these allow your child to play with the same things day in and day out, they can easily become part of their collection. Our Sesame Street Baby Gift Box is a very popular option for first birthday presents. Many kids want a "Baby" toy set (even if it is a stuffed animal that their sister or brother has… they want the "baby" part!). If you are not too particular about the details when it comes to what you get, this could be a fun idea. A big set of toys will also encourage your child to try new things. Like banging on their toy drums and going crazy!

 3. Educational


We've mentioned toys, but what about things that can help your child learn? This can work for a 1 year old's birthday present, too! For example, a fun game might be good for the baby to play with you in the evening (and it could be good practice for their eye-hand coordination). Some great educational toy ideas would be:


  • A foam alphabet puzzle. Get them their first 26 letters! The foam pieces are easy to grab and they are usually soft enough to not hurt your child if they happen to fall on them.

  • A book – for something birthday relevant, check out ‘Happy Birthday – A Peter Rabbit Tale Book’  

  • A mechanical drawing toy. This one is a little more advanced, but it might be fun for your child.

  • A set of color tiles. This is a fun type of puzzle beyond the alphabet learning (again, with the emphasis on fun!). You might even want to get some that go beyond the basic number system for kids to start early on important math concepts in addition and subtraction… things like 1 + 1 = 2 and so on.

Get these ideas for their 1st birthday gift too!

 4. Stuffed Animals

 Stuffed animals are probably one of the most popular and old-fashioned ideas for a gift for 1 year old. Why not go all out here? If you have time, instead of just getting them a simple stuffed animal, get them one that has some personality… perhaps one that looks like their parent or even a favourite babysitter! This can be fun for both the child and you. You'll see that your child likes to get really close to the toy, which will help you bond with them (if they happen to be around when you are feeling frisky).

 5. Singing Toys & Instruments

 Instrument toys (like these beautiful wooden maraca’s or Paw Patrol Tambourine) might also be great for any child's birthday present idea. Not only will they encourage your child to interact more with you, the parent, but they will also encourage your child to explore their sense of rhythm. Something that can be a lot of fun for them (and you!) Now, keep in mind that certain instruments might not always be best suited for a 1-year old's birthday present. If you are going to go this route, make sure that the toy is as soft and safe as it can get.

6. First Birthday Clothing

We've created a few first birthday tops that would be a great way to commemorate their special day. Our Boys white cotton 1st birthday top is perfect for photo opportunities and to wear whilst having the cake smash photo shoot. For the girls we have a pretty in Pink Organic cotton first birthday top . To make a fabulous outfit, pair this adorable t-shirt with a tulle tutu or leggings.

 So what do you think? Did we leave anything out? Are you searching for a great birthday present idea for 1-year-old boys or girls? If so, then consider these options to be your best bet! After all, everyone's taste is different. Also, the best birthday present for a 1 year old might not be in this list… but there are always ways to put your own twist on it!

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