What Is a Muslin Wrap and Why Is It a New Parent's Best Friend?

What Is a Muslin Wrap and Why Is It a New Parent's Best Friend?

muslin wraps for swaddling

What is a muslin wrap ? 

With a multitude of uses, a muslin wrap can be a new parent’s best friend. Muslin is a lightweight fabric, loosely woven and typically made from cotton, making it soft and breathable. Muslin wraps are durable, easy to clean and light to carry, meaning you’ll never want to leave home without one in your baby bag. They also make great presents for new mums and a practical baby gift 

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What is a muslin wrap used for? 

Muslin wraps have so many uses! They are ideal for use during summer, to shield your baby from the sun whilst breast feeding, or as a pram cover. You can also throw your muslin wrap over your shoulder to protect your clothes when burping your little one. Muslin is easy to clean, so you can throw it straight in the wash once it gets dirty. It’s also the perfect piece to lay down on a cold change table so bub feels a little more comfortable.  

But perhaps the most common use for muslin wraps is as a swaddle. Muslin makes the perfect swaddle wrap, as it is soft and breathable enough that your baby won’t overheat, but firm enough that your baby will feel cosy and safe.    

Swaddling is the process of wrapping your baby up nice and tightly in a blanket or swaddle wrap, with their head sticking out and their arms and legs tucked inside. This helps soothe newborn babies to sleep by mimicking the sensation of being in their mother’s womb, meaning that babies and new parents alike can benefit from sounder sleep thanks to swaddling.  


How to swaddle a baby - some easy swaddling techniques 

There are a number of ways to swaddle a baby, but here’s a quick guide for two of the most common swaddling techniques that can be done with a square muslin wrap.  

The Diamond Swaddle 

  1. Lay the muslin wrap down so that it makes a diamond shape. 

  2. Fold the top corner roughly one quarter of the way down the wrap. 

  3. Gently lay your baby down on their back, so that their shoulders align with the folded edge of the swaddle wrap. 

  4. Place your baby’s right arm across their chest, then bring the right corner of the fabric across your baby and tuck it under their back to secure it.  

  5. Now bring the bottom corner of the wrap upwards, and tuck in into the fold you just made, near your baby’s right shoulder. Make sure your baby’s legs are in a comfortable, natural position.  

  6. Take your baby’s left arm and bring it onto their chest.  Take the remaining corner of the swaddle and wrap it over the baby, gently tucking it under their back to secure it. 

  7. You can tuck any loose ends into the folds at the bottom of your swaddle wrap.  Now your baby is comfortably swaddled!  

The Square Swaddle 

  1. Place the muslin wrap down in a square shape. Fold the top edge around one third of the way down the fabric.  

  2. Place your baby down so that their shoulders align with the top of the folded edge. 

  3. Gently lay your baby’s arms on their chest. 

  4. Fold one side of the fabric across your baby and tuck in under their back. 

  5. Pull the other side across on a slight diagonal, so that it makes a ‘v neck’ shape on your baby’s chest. Then pull the loose edge up, over your baby’s shoulder and tuck under their back. 

  6. Take one bottom corner of the fabric in each hand.  

  7. Fold the bottom of the fabric up, so that it makes a straight line across your baby’s chest, and tuck the remaining fabric under your baby’s back.  

Tip: While you want your swaddle to be firm and cosy, it’s important to make sure your baby’s legs are lying comfortably in a natural frog-like position, with room to bend and move. Swaddling your baby too tightly or with their legs straight can interfere with their joints, and even lead to complications such as hip dysplasia.  

When to stop swaddling your baby  

Every baby is unique, but the general rule of thumb is around two to three months, or when your baby starts to show signs of rolling over onto their tummy. Some babies may even reject swaddling on their own, by fussing or fighting their way out of a swaddle, so it’s important to pay attention to what your baby is telling you. When the time comes, you can gradually wean your baby off swaddling by wrapping them with one arm or leg out, then two for a few nights, until they begin to adjust to sleeping without it.  

With so many uses, a muslin wrap is an indispensable item for new parents and would make an awesome baby shower gift! The Baby Gift Company range of muslin wraps includes cute patterns and plain colours, and we even include wraps in some of our gift boxes for new mums (we think this koala themed gift box is particularly cute!). Browse our range of baby blankets and swaddles to put together your own present for a new mum today. 

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