How to Make a Nappy Cake for a Baby Shower

How to Make a Nappy Cake for a Baby Shower

What is a Nappy Cake? 

If you’ve never heard of a nappy cake, you can put that spatula down. It’s not an actual cake! A nappy cake consists of nappies and practical items a newborn baby might need (like toys, baby powder or clothing), artfully arranged to look like a tiered cake. You can craft a nappy cake to suit any baby shower theme and make it bigger or smaller depending on your budget. The newborn’s parents are sure to thank you for gifting them some essential items!   

How to Make a Nappy Cake 

Making a Nappy Cake for a new baby gift or baby shower is easy. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to get you started.  

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Step 1 – Gather the Essentials 

Along with disposable nappies, a nappy cake includes things a newborn baby might need. Think baby powder, shampoo and other small items such as soft toys, bibs, or onesies. You could even take some inspiration from our gift boxes. You will also need elastic bands and decorative ribbon. 


Step 2 – Plan Your Design 

Do you want to make a double tiered cake, or an elaborate three-tiered nappy cake? Does the baby shower have a theme or colour scheme you can work with? What could you use as your ‘cake topper’? Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!  

Step 3 – Assemble Your Nappy Cake 

An easy way to make a nappy cake is to use an empty round biscuit tin to form the centre of your cake.  

  1. Start by rolling a disposable nappy into a cylinder shape and securing it with an elastic band. Repeat this until you have enough rolled-up nappies to go around  your tin. 

  2. Take a large elastic band and place this around the outside of the tin. Then, place the rolled-up nappies between the tin and the elastic band until the outside of the tin is hidden by the nappies.

  3. Tie a decorative ribbon around the nappies to hide the elastic band. This is the first layer of your cake!

  4. Repeat these steps, using a small rolled-up blanket as the centre for your second, smaller tier. Place this on its end in the tin, then fill the remaining space with all the other goodies you’ve chosen for the baby. Top with something decorative, and you’ve made your own nappy cake!  

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