Pregnancy, Birth & Recovery with Essential Oils

Pregnancy, Birth & Recovery with Essential Oils

Essential oils and superb nutritional supplements are the perfect way to support the mind, body, and spirit during pregnancy and beyond. In addition to engaging with the targeted support you need or desire, make your daily routine a priority to ensure staying energized and well rested. Here at The Baby Gift Company we sell essential oils as they make wonderful new mother and baby gifts providing endless benefits.

Becoming a new mother is an extremely important and wonderful occasion. Essential oils are an excellent complement to your new routine as mother, providing a natural approach to induce relaxation, create a tranquil environment, and support her general well-being during this new stage of life called motherhood. The Baby Gift Company offer a wide range of self care new mum gifts, such as essential oils, slippers, bath salts, face masks and yummy treats.

When using essential oils as a new mother, make sure to use oils that are safe for both you and your baby. Some gentle alternatives to explore are lavender for its calming qualities, chamomile for relaxation, and mandarin for its refreshing aroma. Remember to appropriately dilute essential oils and speak with your healthcare professional before incorporating any new items into your regimen. Embracing the advantages of essential oils may be a wonderful approach to improve your new motherhood experience.

These guides highlight some recommended doTERRA oils, safety/dilution and daily routine during pregnancy, birthing and recovery.

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Essential Oils For Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

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