How to Style a Nursery Eco-Friendly

How to Style a Nursery Eco-Friendly

It goes without saying that using natural sustainable materials is good for the environment which simultaneously creates a natural minimalistic feel for the eco-conscious user.

It’s vital to begin with a classic and timeless base for your room. This allows you to add your unique touches easily and change direction as your baby grows into an independent little person. I recommend using an eco-friendly chemical free paint that is safer for your baby and perhaps removable wallpaper or decals for interest.

Next, decide on your theme. After you have decided on your base, I recommend you focus on a colour or draw inspiration from your own personal interests to develop your theme. I recommend styling with sustainable and organic decor items. Look for products made from fast growing materials like hemp, linen and bamboo. You can even source cushion inserts made from recycled water bottles!

Invest in your high use pieces to ensure they will last throughout parenthood. Avoid fast furniture stores like Ikea to ensure you don’t promote reconsumption of the same product due to deterioration. Source sustainable, upcycled or repurposed items and invest in a good feeding chair, cot and change table. You can save the earth and your money! It’s a great idea to support your local small businesses as many have already done the eco-sourcing for you all in one easy shop!

My final tip. Have fun experimenting and go with your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, then often it isn’t. Take a photo, step back, assess and restyle if need be. Don’t wait until the last minute to start decorating! If you start your nursery project early you will save yourself unnecessary stress. Give yourself plenty of time in making thorough eco-conscious choices and you will feel more connected whilst you await your modest precious gift.

My name is Petria and I am the owner of Coco Rose Interiors. We want to inspire people to design their homes and live their lives in a more natural and ecofriendly way. We do this by sourcing all natural, handmade products as well as demonstrating how to style and incorporate them into your everyday living.

written by Petria , Coco Rose Interiors 

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