From Newborn to Toddler: How to comfort your baby

From Newborn to Toddler: How to comfort your baby

New parents have a lot on their plates, from juggling sleep routines to mastering feeds, days often seem like a chaotic mess. However, every new parent can agree that comforting their child in those first few months of life is a truly heartening experience.

Although, when your baby slowly becomes more independent and in instances you’re not there, they need to find comfort in other things. This is where security blankets, swaddles and soft toys come in. They bring comfort to the child when they’re in a new environment or alone in their cot. And better still? They help them to sleep soundly at night.

There are many ways to comfort your baby when they’re young, but in most circumstances the age of your child will determine the best way to make them feel secure. So, what is the best way to comfort your newborn baby?

bubba blue security comforterSwaddling your newborn baby

How do you give comfort to a newborn baby?

Newborn babies rely heavily on their mother. In fact, until your child is over a year old, they’ll find it hard to differentiate themselves from you. The swaddle gives your little one a sense of security, reduces its startle reflex and helps your baby to sleep. This technique uses a muslin wrap folded across the baby in a secure manner to keep the baby’s arms and legs close to its body. The aim is to replicate the security of being in the womb.

So, you might want to know how many baby swaddles and wraps you’ll need? Make sure you have enough swaddles for each day of the week as they tend to get dirty quickly and easy.

When do you stop swaddling baby for sleep?

Swaddling your baby usually stops when they’re 4 – 5 months old. But babies that pull their arms out of the swaddle and move around a lot when they sleep are better off without a swaddle as this increases the risk of SIDS. In general, larger babies tend to reject the swaddle earlier. Once your little one moves away from a swaddle it becomes more suitable to use a baby sleeping bag.  

Babies find comfort in security blankets

What is a baby’s security blanket for?

It’s used in transitional stages in your baby’s life for psychological comfort, usually at bedtime, changes in the environment or social situations. Security blankets typically are a simple small blanket for your child to hold but they have evolved over time.

You can now find cute animal blankies for babies, adorable prints and soft toys attached for the baby to cuddle. They usually come in a material that’s easy to wash and quick to dry. Colours and animal pictures add to a baby's interest in the security blankie. Try naming the blankie – it may help your bub form a healthy attachment to it. So, at what age are security blankets needed?

So, when do babies need security blankets?

Babies don’t necessarily need security blankets, however they help to give them comfort when you’re not there. Rather than your baby crying out for you during the night, the blanket acts as a self-soothing device. Making them a practical baby gift idea.

There is no specific age to introduce a security blanket, however research suggest that between the age of 7 months and one year your baby begins to go through separation anxiety. This can vary from child to child but to have a security blanket or toy that they can attach themselves to can help calm them. Does your baby wake in the night? If your baby is old enough to sleep through the night yet still cries out for you, it might be the ideal time to introduce a security blanket.

Make sure you understand when you can safely allow your baby sleep with a security blanket in their cot before you introduce it to them.

When can your baby sleep with a security blanket?

You may find conflicting information around the best age to give a baby a security blanket. This is especially the case if you plan on leaving the blanket in the cot for your baby overnight.

Security blankets are usually small however, like any pillow or blanket, it comes with a risk of SIDS. And according to SIDS advice, your baby is most at risk in the first 3 months of life. Although, even up to 12 months of age removing all risks, including toys from the cot is advised.

Toys for your Baby

Some kids don’t need the security of a blanket but that doesn’t mean that they never will. As your little one gets older the comfort may come in the form of a toy.

If your baby doesn’t take to security blankets will they like toys?

Most babies enjoy toys. Whether it is the texture, the noise or the comfort of the toy, they’ll attract the interest of your bub. So, having a range of soft toys in their room for them to choose from is a great idea. Think about naming them. It will help your baby identify with them.

Do babies play with toys and do they form attachments with them? It can vary. But most children will play with toys if you encourage them to interact with the toy. You’ll find your bub will have a favourite and reject the rest.

When do babies start playing with toys?

Babies are born with an innate curiosity. This builds throughout their first year of life, and if introduced to the right learning toys, songs and stories their desire to explore will start to grow.

From birth your bub will be introduced to toys, usually beginning with soft toys. Once they form motor skills, babies select toys that stand out to them, whether its texture, sound or colour. Newborns love colourful play mats, squeezable toys and rattles, and as your baby develops, they will quickly move through sensory toys, board books, and building blocks. They grow quickly so it’s good to have a variety of toys, from soft toys to the more advanced for your little one.

What are the best options when it comes to toys?

Good news for all those new mothers out there. There’s a wide range of toys for babies to choose from, but they don’t have to be expensive. In fact, often babies are attracted to household items - cardboard boxes, pots, pans and kitchen utensils. But if you want to give your baby the best, choose sensory toys. These challenge your child’s touch, sound and sight. Soft books with Velcro, bright colours and interactive cubes, all provide your bub with a new learning experience.

The choice is endless

Which baby product is best?

There are many options when it comes to baby swaddles and wraps, security blankets and toys, so how do you know the right one for your baby? The Baby Gift Company has a wide range of options that come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes, including our Giraffe Security Blanket or our Bamboo Baby Security Blankie Bear.

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