New Parent Tips For Setting Up A Nursery

New Parent Tips For Setting Up A Nursery

Pick a theme

It's easy to be overwhelmed when setting up a nursery and it is so time confusing. This is why I think it is easy to pick a theme. Whether it be native Australian animals, rainbows or geometric shapes having a theme will allow you to purchase a lot of the items in one place and save you the hassle of shopping around.

Don't feel the pressure to have an Instagram-worthy nursery

Being a new parent is hard enough, you don't need the pressure of being bombarded with perfect nurseries on Instagram and feeling like you're failing if yours doesn't look like that. Your nursery is not meant to be perfect all the time - it's meant to be a practical space that's easy to set up.

Invest in a baby play mat

Investing in a baby play mat is a necessity for new parents. Especially one that is non-toxic, cushioned and spill resistant/waterproof. We have enough on our plates as parents, continually cleaning up after our little ones doesn't need to be any harder. You can lay it down on your floor to avoid accidents and spillages. You can even easily roll it up and take it with you - great for when you are visiting friends and family who don't have kids.

Inject a pop of colour

While beige and neutrals look fantastic, they are not engaging colours for our little ones. People often forget that the decor should be there to entertain the kids, it's not for the parents. Injecting a pop of colour whether that be on the walls, with your linen or decorations (bonus points if they are educational) will help stimulate young minds.

By Amanda Mckay

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