Packing your Hospital bag: Checklist

Packing your Hospital bag: Checklist

It is recommended that your hospital bag is packed and ready at least a month in advance of your due date. Many of the suggestions below can be requested as baby gift ideas ahead of time, saves you from buying them and provides present options for friends and family.

The bag can be left either in the car ready or by the door. Here is a basic checklist of what to pack in your hospital bag:

For labour and Birth:

  • Comfy Nighties, oversized shirts or loose t-shirts

  • Lip balm, hand cream & hairbands

  • Warm, loose fitting socks or slippers

  • Swimsuit (if you are having a water birth)

  • Antenatal notes / birth plan

  • Ipod/MP3 player and calming music

  • Aromatherapy and electric oil burner (if this helps you feel relaxed)

  • Mobile Phone & Charger

  • Camera

  • Your own pillow or breastfeeding pillow

  • Tens machine

  • microwaveable heat pack

  • Snacks & drinks

  • Water spray & face washer

  • Your own pillow or breastfeeding pillow

For your baby:

For you during your stay in the hospital:

  • Maternity pads

  • 5-10 Black underwear

  • 2 x nursing bras

  • Breast nursing pads and nipple cream

  • Slippers or Bed Socks

  • Comfy Nightie, pyjamas & day time casual clothes with open front to allow for breastfeeding

  • Going home clothes & comfy shoes

  • Toiletries, makeup, mirror and hairbrush

  • Towel

  • Snacks

  • Books or Magazines

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