Must-Have Gift for Every Parent to Help Baby Sleep

Must-Have Gift for Every Parent to Help Baby Sleep

The Baby Shusher  is a white noise maker which uses a Rhythmic Shushing noise to soothe a baby. It engages baby’s natural calming reflex to help end their crying. It is a great practical gift idea for babies from newborn and up.

Its compact size makes it portable and easy to clean. As it runs on batteries; Parents can use the shusher in the car, take it to the park, shopping, virtually anyway, to help calm their baby to sleep.


Timer Options: The Baby Shusher comes with two easy-to-use timer options that allow you to play the rhythmic shush for either 15 or 30 minutes, giving you full control of your Baby Shusher.

Volume Control: For the rhythmic shush to work, it is important that the volume of the shushing is louder than baby’s cry. The Baby Shusher’s volume control allows parents to choose how loud or soft to play the sound and adjust the volume.

For many new parents the baby shusher is like a magic wand. Once they turn on the baby shusher their baby becomes mesmerised by the sound and stops crying.

The Baby Shusher is available to buy from The Baby Gift Company for $55.95 and the best baby gift idea for newborn parents.


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